New to Me . . . too!

Still catching up with email and blog reading, not helped by the excitement over the Notes Domino 8 release while I was away!

This post from Michael Smelser caught my eye:

The functionality I am referring to is running the Notes client in “Kiosk” mode, that is running a Notes application as if it were a stand alone product. What this does is it launches an application full screen on a users computer with no toolbars or bookmark bars.

So how do we manage it? Easy!

To launch the application in Kiosk mode use this in your Notes icon, startup script, whatever:
“[path to Notes executable]” /kiosk “[path\db.nsf]”
(e.g. “C:\Program Files\lotus\notes7\nlnotes.exe” /kiosk “af\main.nsf”

I didn’t know how this was done either, thanks Michael!

5 Replies to “New to Me . . . too!”

  1. LOL, thats part of the fun in blogging right, not knowing beforehand whether others will find something interesting or useful!

    Thanks again.

  2. I don’t want to spoil you fun but this has been around since R4.5 I think. Probably the nnly reason you didn’t know it is because you never needed it.

  3. Vitor, don’t worry, I had a feeling this was something that I had managed to live without, but can see it being useful now!

    Much like Chris Linfoot’s use of “Open in New Window” which he talks about here, something else I’m afraid to admit I’ve never used!

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