Obligatory birthday post!

Yes, today is my birthday, the big 3-0! Happy birthday to me!

Not much more to say about it really, just a normal day at work, but maybe a good excuse for a beer this evening!

The weekend could be a different story though! 😉

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9 Replies to “Obligatory birthday post!”

  1. Hi Simon! Happy Birthday! Hope you are having an easy day and getting ready for those beers later on tonight! May I wish you many many more to come and that we all get to see them! Have a good one and keep the party going! Just a couple of days more for the weekend! 🙂

  2. Many thanks Luis! Yes, looking forward to a couple of cold ones! 😉

    Yes, weekend’s not far away, and its a long one too! 😀

  3. hehe and while some of us are working today, others are enjoying a lovely long weekend to celebrate a massive birthday party! Ha! That’s not fair! 😛 hehe

    Have a good one, Simon!

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