links for 2008-03-05

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  1. No way! DRM, overpriced, low quality, vendor lock-in, no chance!

    I expect to OWN the music I BUY! If I want to rent it, then thats a different story!

  2. I have told you get a good OS like me and my mac pro. well everything is over priced over there, most of the new music over here is now release in much better quality now and if you want to get rid of the DRM just put it on a CD and rip it back, or just buy and iPod, iPhone, Mac and AppleTV like me 😀

  3. Oh and now i am looking at setting up AirTunes in every room in the house even better 🙂

  4. Nothing like a good dose of vendor lock-in to keep customers happy, hey chap!? 😉

    To be fair though, you have to hand it to apple at the moment, they have got some very nice bits of kit right now!

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