So, did anyone notice the redesign!?

Considering the lack of love I’ve been showing to my own blog, I can’t really expect otherwise!

I’d been meaning to do quite a bit of house-keeping for some time. I actually also had a blog over at, which I have now imported and redirected here. WordPress made that easy enough. Does anyone have any recommendations on setting up link redirects to specific posts? Do I ned to bother?

Getting a more personal theme was also something I wanted to do, and so having looked into the fantastic K2 theme, thought I’d have a go at reusing my old design and applying it here. K2 made it pretty easy to do, and now I guess I’ll just be tyweaking as and when I can!

Oh, and I guess it’d be a mistake to commit to getting back into the blogging habit!? Hang on, not sure I ever did!

14 Replies to “So, did anyone notice the redesign!?”

  1. I think the color theme is brilliant. It looks very well matched!

    I kinda like the “two right-columns” idea, but it does seem a little “busy”, and I feel my eyes are pulled to the right side, even while reading a post. It's almost like the page is “tilting to the right” (I have no better way of explaining what I feel).

    Perhaps – if the right side was slightly narrower, it wouldn't distract so much from the “main content”. I don't know?

    But I definately like the general feel, and you SHOULD blog more (as should I) ! 😉

    1. Lars, I appreciate the comments, and glad you like the colour-scheme!

      I hear you re the sidebar, and was actually toying with the idea of a different, reduced, sidebar for posts, leaving the full 2 columns for the homepage. Another option could be making more use of the page width, though thats great for those of us with widescreens!

      Thanks for the encouragement!

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