Jun 03

New adventures….


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In sharing my decision to move on to new adventures, I’d left one question unanswered: What’s next?

Well, I have joined Social Edge Consulting as a Social Business Strategist, working with clients in preparing, implementing, and delivering results with their social business strategies. The role allows me the opportunity to combine my vision for the future of work with my Jive experience, and build on that through a diversity of interactions.

From the very outset in my conversations with Andrew Kratz, I was extremely impressed with the thinking and approach of Social Edge, the tone and transparency. Over the last few weeks I have been busy on-boarding and getting to know an amazing team, who not only know the Jive platform inside out, but also truly understand social business and are actually out there making it real, making it happen. A great group, who have already welcomed, energised, inspired, and teased me! Above all though, they’ve made me feel very sure of my decision and excited to be joining them.

Amongst all the excitement is a strong feeling of gratitude. In getting to this point I have been extremely lucky to have had the support of a wonderful network of friends on which I have leant heavily during the last few months. Thank You! Thank you for playing confidant, for the guidance, for listening, for being there.

And of course, thank you Social Edge for this opportunity.

So, here’s to new adventures! There’s work to be re-imagined and business that wants to become social. Let’s get on it!

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  1. Simon Scullion (@sscullion)

    New adventures…. so excited to join the crew @Social_Edge! http://t.co/jrBJAtmCeU

  2. Stuart McIntyre (@StuartMcIntyre)

    Woohoo, Simon, congratulations. Sounds a fantastic role!

    1. Simon Scullion

      Thanks Stuart!

  3. Phillips barrass

    Sounds like you made a great decision to move on! Pleased for you Si! :-)

    1. Simon Scullion

      Why thank you! ;)

  4. Nigel Barron (@NigelBarron)

    RT @sscullion: New adventures…. so excited to join the crew @Social_Edge! http://t.co/okIql03Gjy Congrats!

  5. @SalMcD

    Brill exciting stuff Simon! “@NigelBarron: RT @sscullion: New adventures..so excited to join the crew @Social_Edge! http://t.co/JZwQGI6cZB

  6. @jjjrrr

    RT @sscullion: New adventures…. so excited to join the crew @Social_Edge! http://t.co/jrBJAtmCeU

  7. Susan Scrupski (@ITSinsider)

    Very happy for you Simon! I’m hearing great things about Social Edge. Now, they are much greater with you on the team.

    1. Simon Scullion

      Thanks Susan, I appreciate your support. I do know I’m in good hands and will be the better for that! I’ll make sure the gang hear the feedback. :)

  8. Graham Chastney (@GrahamChastney)

    Congratulations Sir.

    Enjoy the new adventure.

    1. Simon Scullion

      Cheers Graham, that’s the plan!

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