F-Spot failing to upload to Flickr

Part of my excuse for being so far behind uploading to my Flickr-stream is that F-Spot, the program I’m using on Ubuntu to manages my photo collection, had been failing to upload.

Basically it was never completing the upload, no time-out, no error, nothing.

A LOT of digging around out there via google eventually landed me on a bug report which mentioned changing the MTU settings in the network config. I found this well explained in a post taking you through making the changes.

For the record, I changed my MTU settings to 1450 via the network connections gui, and hey presto, uploading to Flickr is working again! 🙂

So one less excuse at least….!

Photo credit: Cell105 – What keeps us connected…

Some (not so) new photos on Flickr

I have finally managed to make some progress sorting out my photo collection, and will slowly start to upload a small selection to Flickr. I want to try and keep the chronological order and have a long way to go, as we’re talking a years worth of backlog!

Anyway, here are the latest few from Medellin last Easter (2006)



Lonely Poppy