F-Spot failing to upload to Flickr

Part of my excuse for being so far behind uploading to my Flickr-stream is that F-Spot, the program I’m using on Ubuntu to manages my photo collection, had been failing to upload.

Basically it was never completing the upload, no time-out, no error, nothing.

A LOT of digging around out there via google eventually landed me on a bug report which mentioned changing the MTU settings in the network config. I found this well explained in a post taking you through making the changes.

For the record, I changed my MTU settings to 1450 via the network connections gui, and hey presto, uploading to Flickr is working again! :-)

So one less excuse at least….!

Photo credit: Cell105 – What keeps us connected…

Update Manager hangs in Ubuntu 8.04 (and how to fix it)

Since I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04, I had noticed that Update Manager was hanging, but not bothered to look into fixing it.

Tonight I did, and a quick search on google lead me to this post on Joe Wein’s blog with a clear explanation on how to solve the issue:

Last month I upgraded my notebook from Ubuntu 7.10 to 8.04 (”Hardy Heron”). Since then, whenever I tried tried to install the up to 133 updates that had become available, the Update Manager would hang indefinitely instead of prompting me for the user password.

If you’re in the same situation, the following tips might help you. Edit /etc/hosts with an editor of your choice (e.g. sudo vi /etc/hosts). There should be two entries with IPv4 addresses starting with 127.0.x.x, like this: localhost mycomputername.mydomain

Remove the domain name from the entry starting with, leaving only the computer name and save the file. Now try again.

When I made this change I got the password prompt as expected and all the updates where downloaded and applied.

Thanks Joe!

kacpi_notify you bad boy!

My Ubuntu PC at home occasionally has suffered with a rather annoying issue, whether the CPU runs at pretty much 100%, and the temperature to rise causing the BIOS to make an awful and incessant beeping sound!

Well tonight it just got too much for me, and I decided it was time to look into the cause.

A quick google search had me run “top” from a command line, which showed that a process by the name of “kacpi_notify” was consuming all the available CPU! So another search lead me to this page on the fantastic ubuntuforums.org, with a possible solution.

So just for the record, I applied the following changes:

sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

Then modified the line:

kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-16-386 root=UUID=d17c8a59-107b-4454-9369-f24aaa7776f0 ro quiet splash


kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-16-386 root=UUID=d17c8a59-107b-4454-9369-f24aaa7776f0 ro acpi=off apm=off quiet splash

Lets hope that does the trick!

Got my music collection back

So how did I lose it in the first place? Well I didn’t really, just not had good access to it. The default player in Ubuntu, Rhythmbox, was giving me problems, it was pretty slow and lacked a few nice features like random playlists. (It does do semi-random play-lists, where you enter keywords, but not truely random as far as I could tell).

So I did a google, and read a few recommendations for Amarok, which I gave a go. So far so good, I am quite impressed. It has some really nice features which help get the most out of your music, and supposedly keeps track of the files and statistics even as you move them around. My next step is to organise things, moving the music off of my old Windows partition onto the new hard disk, we’ll see how I get on.

One less Windows PC in the world

This was a while ago now, but back over Christmas I got rid of a buggy install of Windows on Mum and Dad’s PC, and installed Ubuntu for them instead.

I hope they get on all right with it, Dad seemed a little worried for a while, we had a go with the liveCD before the moment of truth.

Install went pretty smoothly, though it did stop at one point the first time round. One thing I did forget though, Ubuntu doesn’t have any modem drivers, so they might not yet be able to read this! Opps!

Of course, all this really is a cunning plan to finally get Dad to fork out a few quid every month to get broadband! ;-) How else do you get someone who thinks it “won’t make him enjoy the internet more” up with the times!?

So, Mum, I hope you manage to get a network card installed OK, and back online soon!