The BBC "committed to platform neutrality"

An update on the iPlayer situation, after the beeb apparently was trying to avoid committing to a download service for Linux and Mac OSX.

The BBC must deliver an online TV catch-up service that lets users of all computers download programmes, the corporation’s regulators have said.

A good example of where regulation can be a good thing.

Lets hope this can bring longer term benefits to non-Windows platforms as they get a higher level of attention from some pretty clever tech folk at the beeb.

Now if only this wasn’t restricted to UK residents!

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Just catching up on a couple of things, a few posts on the beeb have caught my attention lately.

Broadband prices

An interesting article on the price of broadband worldwide. Not sure how valid the comparisons are, but I know that here in Spain we continue to be shafted, I’m currently paying just under 40€ for 1Mb (soon to go up to 3Mb)!

Sony BMG Vs Amergence Group

Ironic. And who benefits? Not the customer then. Enough said.

BBC iPlayer

More positive news, the BBC appears it’ll start to listen to opinion on the need to make this more open. I must admit, I was surprised at some of the choices made for the initial release.

How good is your maths!?

Do you fall into the 1 in 14 who can’t solve the following!?

What is one eighth of 32?

  • a) 6
  • b) 4
  • c) 2
  • d) 8
  • e) None of these
  • f) Don’t know