“New-Generation Workers” Want Technology Their Way

Today I caught a discussion on the findings of a survey carried out by Accenture.

Millennial generation students and employees (those aged 14 to 27) expect to use their own technology and mobile devices for work and are increasingly choosing their place of employment based on how accommodating companies are to their personal technology preferences

Yet more evidence demonstrating how our consumer technology choices are making their way into the workplace, meaning that the companies that best accommodate these demands will gain a competitive advantage through attracting, and most importantly, retaining, the best young talent.

Observing this, it appears we are increasingly demanding in our requirements for consumer technology, increasingly fickle with our choices and loyalties, and increasingly adept at managing the change new technology presents us.

Yet this often goes against our corporate mandated use of technology, where we are stuck in our old ways, show blind loyalty to old technology, and told that change is painful and risky! (I’d love you to chip in with candidates for each category! ;-))

So why is this still the case?

Will the “Millennial generation” win over their elders?

Supporting England from abroad

My first world cup outside England is not off to a bad start, but here in Spain I’m missing the atmosphere I imagine there is back home. Its just not quite the same here somehow, but the few of us that are here are doing areour best! We try to all meet up for the England games, and some of the other more interesting matches.

The Spanish are generally optimistic, but I’m not sure how far they really think their team can go. One thing that is really frustrating is that there are really few games on terrestrial TV, so I have to try to get out to see the games which isn’t ideal! I’m tempted to get a digital terrestrial box, as there are a few more games on one of the digital channels.

But what has really got me a fed up is that I can’t even get the BBC Radio Five Live commentaries over the internet. Some crazy broadcasting arrangements apparently mean they are unable to allow non-UK residents access to it.

So one fed-up-Englishman-abroad now has yet another reason to upset the wife by going down the pub! Oopps!