Tania @ 11 Weeks

Tania was weighed and measured again today, she’s now into week twelve. How time flies!

Tania @ 11 weeks

So here is the key data:

  • Weight: 5.15 Kg (a little over 11lbs I think)
  • Height: 59cm!

She is still “long” as they say in spanish!

Tania @ 5 weeks

As promised, I’d mention how she measured up.

Tania Scullion Caballero

She had her checkup on Jan 10th if I remember correctly, and in good health. She weighed in at 4.11 kg and measured 55.5cm. So nearly 1.2kg and 6cm in 5 weeks!

Apparently she’s going to be tall and have blue eyes, like her Dad!

Tania Scullion Caballero

Tania Scullion Caballero

We’re a bit late in getting the details to you, but here are Tania’s key data:

  • Born: December 6th 2005
  • Weight: 3.05 kg (just under 7lb I think)
  • Measured: 49.5 cm

That was quite a while ago now, will dig out the report from her checkup at 5 weeks.