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Oct 03

The Notes Domino 8 proposition

Peter O’Kelly sums up the key strengths of the Lotus story and how that faces off to Microsoft’s offering: I think there’s more to the story, however: if you consider the Eclipse.org-based foundation in Notes 8, along with the OpenOffice.org-derived Lotus Symphony “productivity editors”, the fact that Notes 8 runs on multiple platforms (eventually multiple …

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Sep 28

Maureen is asking some questions

Two in fact: – is it ok to remove database properties from the infobox selection hierarchy in Designer (where infoboxes remain)? – is it ok to have to click on the database header in the bookmarks or make another gesture to get to database properties? Read her post and let her know what you think. …

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Sep 19

Revisited: What am I missing? (admin help [still] needed!)

Thanks to those who responded to my previous bleat for help, I have been back to try and get this working but still no luck! The situation is as follows: Domino 7 sever running on RHEL as a guest in VMware I can ping from the host both IP address and hostname of the guest …

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Aug 14

Lotus Notes & Domino 8 to be released August 17th

The wait is over! I just had to blog this, too big a date not to! Official announcement here. Its going to be an exciting autumn.

Aug 13

What am I missing? (admin help needed!)

Can any of you admins out there tell me what I am missing!? I have a RHEL server running Domino in VMware, so far so good. I can ping from the host both IP address and hostname, Domino is up and running and I can connect over http and run the Domino web admin. Problem? …

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