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Nov 05

Posting from Flock

Now that Flock is out of beta and getting some good reviews, I thought I’d give it a whirl. So far liking it a lot. It is dead easy to configure with the major social sites, so the trial blog post! I can see myself sticking with this for a while rather than Firefox. Blogged …

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Mar 07

Add a feed to Liferea from Firefox

Being a linux newbie, I haven’t had much luck finding how to configure Firefox to use an external RSS client. Here’s how: You can go under Edit->Preferences and choose the Tab Feeds. There you choose Subscribe to the feed using and click on the button Choose Application and choose /usr/bin/liferea-add-feed Thanks to Ralph‘s instructions, I …

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Nov 20

How to load Web site faster in Mozilla Firefox

The title says it all! I guess this applies to any install of Firefox, not just a linux version. Check it out, mine was almost unusable before making these changes. Begs the question why the settings weren’t defaults….? Update: Following a little more digging, also found these quite useful: lifehacker.com: top firefox 2 config tweaks …

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Sep 25

Mozilla software really is cross-platform

So I have my ubuntu linux system up, running and online. So now the next challenge. How do you go about pulling across from WinXP your most important files, which for me are my email and bookmarks? Easy! If you’re like me and using mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox! And when I say easy, it really …

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