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Dec 13

Life Worth Living

This unstable economy and society has shown us that comfort and stability are dead. We need to make our lives worth living. We need to be who we always dreamt of being. Credit: http://almostbohemian.com/you-are-not-your-junk/

Feb 23

Life’s Change Agent

This quote (emphasis mine) comes from Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address, and speaks to some core fundamentals of what for me is a big part of “Enterprise 2.0″ or “social business”. It’s the hard part, the change. No one wants to die, even people who want to go to Heaven don’t want to die …

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Jan 29

Been busy for a while…

There hasn’t been much action here lately, been busy with, um, life! A few things to be talking about though, so I feel a blogging binge coming on (can you say that?)! Lets see how we get on….

Sep 21

Goodbye summer!

So, realising that it has been over three months since I last wrote anything here, and summer is on its way out, what have we been up to!? Good question, but between Tania, work, play, and a week away, the summer has flown by! I now have plenty of catching up to do, photos to …

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May 09

Has it really been two months…?

I have just realised two months have flown by since my last post! I’d better start making an effort round here! We have been pretty busy, with a trip down to Extremadura for Easter, and a couple of christenings, including Tania’s. Plenty of photos to sort through and update my Flickr stream. Tania is now …

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