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Jun 11

Marketing Pilgrim > Is Google Sick of Flash Web Sites? New Feature Encourages Users to “Skip Intro”

This post from Andy Beal caught my attention today, commenting on google’s latest feature. As part of its search results, Google is letting us skip a site’s flash intro. So you know what we are discussing, here is an example search. Check out the [Skip Intro] link to the right of the result. The new …

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Nov 13

ChiefTech: Why aren’t we getting enterprise RSS yet?

James Dellow over on his ChiefTech blog is talking about Enterprise RSS, and makes some good points regarding its slow adoption and an apparent lack of understanding: for enterprise RSS to work you need both RSS content and RSS readers in place. From a technology point of view neither issue is difficult to overcome but …

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Nov 05

Moved feeds to Feedburner

Finally got around to signing up to Feedburner, and moving my feeds, it was something I had been meaning to do for a while. In the end it was a painful process, with a plugin doing the magic on the WordPress end. So, to my faithful reader, please feel free to re-syndicate my content again …

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