So, did anyone notice the redesign!?

Considering the lack of love I’ve been showing to my own blog, I can’t really expect otherwise!

I’d been meaning to do quite a bit of house-keeping for some time. I actually also had a blog over at, which I have now imported and redirected here. WordPress made that easy enough. Does anyone have any recommendations on setting up link redirects to specific posts? Do I ned to bother?

Getting a more personal theme was also something I wanted to do, and so having looked into the fantastic K2 theme, thought I’d have a go at reusing my old design and applying it here. K2 made it pretty easy to do, and now I guess I’ll just be tyweaking as and when I can!

Oh, and I guess it’d be a mistake to commit to getting back into the blogging habit!? Hang on, not sure I ever did!

WordPress upgraded to 2.6

Last night I managed to find the 5 minutes I needed to upgrade four WordPress blogs to the newly released version 2.6.

Possible thanks to the excellent “one-click” install setup provided by Dreamhost.

Very quick and entirely painless, just how upgrades should be!

So unfortunately I can’t go into details on how I upgraded, there really is nothing more to tell!

For anyone who hasn’t already seen the video demo’ing the new version, here it is.

Now to learn about all the new features!

WordPress upgraded

I got around last night to upgrading WordPress last night to version 2.3.

I survived a mild scare when Vitor Pereira contacted me to say the blog was giving errors! It turned out the tagging plugin I had installed wasn’t compatible with the new version. As I hadn’t bothered reading the upgrade instructions, plugins weren’t disabled! Deleting the plugin got things back on track, and things appear to be working smoothly. I do need to reapply the CSS changes I had made.

Tags are now managed natively with WordPress 2.3 and includes some nice functionality to migrate from other tagging solutions. This worked nicely without any issues, and I have included a tagcloud in the sidebar. This has caused me a housekeeping task to sort out all those currently tagged “uncategorised”! I’ll get there!

I have also added the ShareThis plugin. Not sure whether I like it or not yet, I’ll leave it for a while and see whether it adds any value to the blog.

As always, comments are welcome, let me know if you spot any glitches!

Many thanks to Vitor for his help when I messed up!

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Moved feeds to Feedburner

Finally got around to signing up to Feedburner, and moving my feeds, it was something I had been meaning to do for a while.

In the end it was a painful process, with a plugin doing the magic on the WordPress end.

So, to my faithful reader, please feel free to re-syndicate my content again via the new feed!

Here are the links:

Many thanks, and apologies for the inconvenience!

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A blog close to home

Martin Ortega paid my blog a visit, and I was flattered he dedicated a post on his blog to mentioning my blog, including a screenshot! Martin lives close to me here in Asturias, its a small world this!

He is running his blog on the Domino Blog template, and has come up with some lovely designs, making me feel ashamed of my default WordPress theme.

So, the least I could do is return the favour, gracias Martin!

There is a lot to do in setting up a blog!

I am starting to realise just how much there is to do when setting up a new blog! This might take me a little time to get how I want.

I am using WordPress which is offered by my hosting, although I am still considering a domino based blog and being true to the cause! To be honest though I quite like WordPress. I also think it helps to vary things a little and get a different perspective on things, and you never know, I might learn a little php one day!

Controlling Spam

The comment spam on this blog has got to the stage where I felt I needed to do something about it.

So I have just enabled the Akismet plugin. Lets see what happens, let me know if you see any weird behaviour!