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This is my first post here in Spanish, a little late considering I live here, but an English version follows below.

Esta gran idea apareció en el blog de Josep Alemany la semana pasada, y parece ser bien recibida. Martin tambien tiene un post sobre el tema. ¡Hasta Ed Brill dejó un comentario para ofrecer su ayuda!

Como Josep, es una idea que también he tenido en la cabeza después de haber visto el éxito de ILUG2007. Pienso que Lotus en España, y el mercado español podrían beneficiar mucho de esta energía y entusiasmo. Entonces estaría encantado ofrecer cualquier ayuda que pueda para hacer esto un éxito.

Con respecto al nombre, siendo inglés, “lingote(!?)” realmente no me vale! Así que mi sugerencia sería LUG.esp o algo similar. Quedé con la idea un rato, y he preparado un par de ideas para un logo…

LUG.esp logo idea 2 LUG.esp logo idea 1
Comentarios bienvenidas!

English Version

This great idea surfaced up over on Josep Alemany’s blog last week, and seems to be well received. Martin also has a post on the subject. Ed Brill even stopped by to offer his support, cool!

It is a thought I have had in the back of my mind for a while, like Josep, a little green (pun intended!) over the success of ILUG2007, and thinking that Lotus in Spain, and the spanish market could benefit a lot from this kind of energy and enthusiasm. So I would be more than happy to offer what help I can in order to try and make this a success.

With regard to the name, being English, SLUG doesn’t really work for me, so my suggestion would be LUG.esp or something similar. The idea stuck in my mind a little, and I even had a play and threw together a couple of ideas for a logo…(if you read this far, you have already seen them!)

Comments welcome!

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  1. 20/06/2007

    Simon, it’s been in the back of my mind too but I’m not really sure there are enough interested people on this side of the border. I wonder if you guys would take a Portuguese developer on board.

  2. 20/06/2007

    Hi Vitor, at the moment things are pretty open, with interest also from across the atlantic! Nothing firm has been decided as far as I know, there have already been suggestions it could/should be a combined Spain & Portugal thing. So yes, sure, you’re more than welcome!

  3. 20/06/2007

    Hola Martin, deje un comentario en el blog de Steve, y el tuyo tambien, a ver si podemos engañar a algunos “famosos” venir por aquí a contarnos algo!

    Dublin tiene su Guinness, pero España se defiende! 😉

  4. Martín

    Hola Simon, te envie un correo a la dirección que pone tu blog, no he recibido respuesta, me voy de vacaciones el viernes, a la vuelta hablamos sobre el tema.
    Un saludo

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