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Feb 15

Happy Birthday Bro!

At least I got this one right!!

Feb 02

Happy Birthday Bro!

I hope you had a good one and like your present

Jan 29

One less Windows PC in the world

This was a while ago now, but back over Christmas I got rid of a buggy install of Windows on Mum and Dad’s PC, and installed Ubuntu for them instead. I hope they get on all right with it, Dad seemed a little worried for a while, we had a go with the liveCD before …

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Sep 21

Goodbye summer!

So, realising that it has been over three months since I last wrote anything here, and summer is on its way out, what have we been up to!? Good question, but between Tania, work, play, and a week away, the summer has flown by! I now have plenty of catching up to do, photos to …

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May 23

A few new photos of Tania

Well to tell a lie, they’re not very new, I’ve realised how far behind I have got with all this! Here she is at three months

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