One less Windows PC in the world

This was a while ago now, but back over Christmas I got rid of a buggy install of Windows on Mum and Dad’s PC, and installed Ubuntu for them instead.

I hope they get on all right with it, Dad seemed a little worried for a while, we had a go with the liveCD before the moment of truth.

Install went pretty smoothly, though it did stop at one point the first time round. One thing I did forget though, Ubuntu doesn’t have any modem drivers, so they might not yet be able to read this! Opps!

Of course, all this really is a cunning plan to finally get Dad to fork out a few quid every month to get broadband! 😉 How else do you get someone who thinks it “won’t make him enjoy the internet more” up with the times!?

So, Mum, I hope you manage to get a network card installed OK, and back online soon!


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