idea jam – Linux support for Quickr Domino version

I haven’t specifically blogged about the idea jam yet, I wasn’t lucky enough to be involved in the beta testing, but have since signed up and been having a look around

Today created my first idea!

idea jam – Linux support for Quickr Domino version

Bruce and the guys have done a great job getting this up and running, now we need to support it by throwing in our ideas!

So if you haven’t already, sign up!

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Lotus Quickr and Connections announced

I know this has been well covered already, but no harm in repeating the message!

IBM has formerly announced the two new products we have been waiting for so eagerly, Lotus Quickr and Lotus Connections.

I have recently been exploring the two quite a bit, and can honestly say they are a big step forward as collaborative tools in the enterprise.

If you still can’t wait for the 29th, and haven’t yet done so, get over to the Lotus Greenhouse and sign up!

Some good details on Quickr and Connections positioning

Stuart McIntyre has posted a good post helping those of us pondering some of the product positioning of Quickr and Connections.

I particularly like this:

When used together they provide companies with unique value to address their collaboration requirements that span from formal, role-based team workspaces to informal community-driven social networks.

Things are getting clearer!

Source: Stuart McIntyre 14/02/2007: Quickr vs. Connections

More on Lotus Connections and Lotus Quickr

Since I wrote my first post on these products, there have been a few more good ones appearing on blogs.

Rob Novak has a good article on Quickr answering some of the key questions relating to it replacing Quickplace, the choices on the backend and more.

Connections is being covered by Roberto Boccadoro with his detailed description of the product and its components over at Yellow Is The New Black. Luis Suarez also has a similar piece with his own take on things.

All in all, this is adding up to some great information on the products at such an early stage.

Now when will my invite to the Lotus Greenhouse site arrive!? ;-D

Lotus Quickr and Connections

I, like a lot of people, am following the information coming out of IBM Lotus regarding their recently announced products Lotus Quickr and Lotus Connections.

This week I had an interesting conversation with colleagues on our understanding of the products at this early stage. One point that came out was an apparent overlap, particularly on the blogging front. It raises some interesting questions. How will the products integrate? How do I base a decision whether to run blogs from Quickr or via the blogging component of Connections?

With little information so far from Lotus, it is difficult to grasp the differences. The innovation coming with these products is a big thing for the enterprise. Their successful adoption will depend in many cases on the ability of an organisation to generate a culture of open knowledge sharing. Here, IBM and its Business Partners will have a crucial role in helping companies deal with this culture shift.

Interesting times ahead.