Back online…!! Finally!

Its been a long time, but finally this week, I managed to sort out my internet access.

Between three Telefonica engineers who finally turned up, a dodgy installation and Simon being a clown, I was able to connect once again.

Here in Spain we suffer from the old BT problem of a monopoly situation, it is only Telefonica who can get you a phone line at home. It takes them 48hrs max to sign up and install a line for a new customer, but a simple transfer to a new address in the same village takes them 3 months! Anyway, in the end they ran out of excuses and the engineers turned up to get things done, and I ended up with a phone line and ADSL.

Which I went and broke.

telephone install

I stuffed this all back in the wall and put the lid on, thinking all was hunky dory. Only to try connecting 2 days later and nothing would work. 3 hours of testing led me back to the box only to find two of the cables hanging out!

Anyway, on to more interesting things, seems like ages ago already, but on the 6th of December 2005, we became parents……!! More tomorrow.


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