Emerging Technology – Desktops and Notebooks – Meet the XO

I’ve heard a bit about the $100 laptop, but nothing in any detail, so I found this an interesting read.

Put simply, the XO is one of the most revolutionary computer systems that I’ve seen in some time. The entire time I was looking at the XO, I was thinking, why can’t my new expensive laptop do this?

Some of the hardware sounds very interesting, particularly a black & white screen that is visible in strong sunlight, and the extraordinarily low power consumption.

The Sugar interface includes some extremely interesting capabilities for managing files, tasks and applications. Also, when combined with the wireless networking of the XO, the Mesh view in Sugar is one of the best and most innovative collaboration environments that I’ve ever seen.

I hope the big software vendors are keeping up. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for some of this innovation to make it through to mainstream applications.

Web 2.0, old news!? 😉

Emerging Technology – Desktops and Notebooks – Meet the XO

Via Bob Sutor (again!)

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  1. 01/08/2007


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