FUD on a Monday morning

An article caught my eye this morning, coming in via google alerts, and setting the FUD alarms ringing loud and clear!

As businesses move into the era of highly scalable architectures, SOA, rich customer-facing applications, and mobile workforces, they are discovering that previously satisfactory workgroup and workflow systems no longer provide needed capabilities.

Lotus Notes, in particular, is quickly becoming viewed as a legacy platform that is difficult to shed as part of a move to modern, scalable, and non-proprietary architectures.

This white paper examines:

  • Options for rapidly migrating off of Lotus Notes to Microsoft’s .NET platform
  • How organizations can better manage the transition
  • A solution for migration off the complex Lotus Notes applications to Microsoft’s enterprise infrastructure

I think we could go to town taking this apart, one inaccuracy at a time!

It didn’t take much effort to glean that this so-called white paper has been prepared by a company selling a “service offering for migrating Lotus Notes business applications to the Microsoft and Java platforms.”

No reason to help create and spread FUD there then!?

All on a website purporting to promote “solutions for state and local government in the information age”.

What a joke! Sigh!

Yet more material for Ed to consider when pondering the trends in IT decision making!

Source: Efficiently Migrating Lotus Notes Applications to Modern Platforms by UNIFY Corporation

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