Guess the culprit…

Content from this Web site that is not provided under an agreement, such Content is not provided as “public domain”; you may use such Content for your personal, non-commercial use only and only in connection with your use of XXXXX.

Yes, afraid so, its IBM with their Terms of Use on the Lotus Symphony website.

So, basically that means the plugins, and the templates, can only be used for personal tasks, not at work, and only using Symphony! Oh, and don’t forget, these are, on the whole, user contributions.

Lets step back a minute. This software comes embedded within a leading enterprise collaboration tool, uses open standards, and its manufacturer is pushing interoperability…..

Doesn’t quite add up for me, and certainly not in the spirit of things…..!

Whats the alternative? If I have a template or plugin I want to share, do I have to host it myself, away from, where it is obviously going to get the same visability?

Enough said, come on IBM, you can do better than this!

Via Shadow Logs.


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