I am completely gutted!

Unfortunately I am unable to travel to Dublin for the ILUG2007 event I was so looking forward to.

Some time ago my passport expired and I sent of for it to be renewed. It got sent back with what I am hearing is a common complaint, that the photos I’d included with my application weren’t suitable. This despite having read carefully the photo guidelines available supposedly to help. We couldn’t find anything wrong with them! To be fair there was also a section of the form I hadn’t completed, due to misunderstanding the arrows leading you through it, based on your answers to various complicated questions which read differently depending on where you pause for breath!

So I had to return the application with new photos, all a little too close to my travel date to Ireland for comfort. And, you guessed it, it hasn’t turned up in time 🙁

Sods law says it’ll be here Thursday!

So, all of you lucky ones off to Dublin for what I’m sure will be a fantastic event, have a Guiness for me! Having to follow events on the blogs is going to be tough, I’m in for a miserable few days until I get over it.

I just hope Paul, Eileen and co, all forget they’ve already said “never again” (again!) and put on the show next year!


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