links for 2007-10-01


4 responses to “links for 2007-10-01”

  1. I’m also checking fring, ping me if you would like to do some testing.

  2. Hi Vitor, I bookmarked this after seeing your status msg and checking out what it was about! 😉

    Thanks for the offer for the testing, I’ll let you know when I get around to it!

    BTW, what sort of data transfer does it use, I may need to look at a new tarif, as my current Vodafone package is rather expensive for data.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t notice the status msg was different.

    I am using it mostly when connected via wireless lan. I suggest you do that at least initially and take a look and the data counters. It seems like it pings home every 3 seconds or so. Just from being online, in 10 minutes it is adding up to about 60Kb. It does drain the battery on my Nokia E61 pretty fast.

  4. Thanks for the info Vitor, will check how much that would cost on my current plan, expensive is my guess!

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