links for 2008-09-23

  • Describing the mechanics of any project is tough, especially if you're an insider. Detailing what's happened with ESME is particularly challenging because it is unlike any other project in which I have participated. At this stage (and remember we haven't yet gotten to the first TechEd), anything I say is preliminary and tinged with the sort of caution that any 'beta' release' brings.

    Regardless of anything else, of one thing I am 100% certain. ESME is a case study in the power of community, the dynamics that can emerge, the value of active cooperation between 'suits' and 'geeks' and the results that are possible. Put another way, how else might the germ of an idea emerge to become a functional application in less than three months without the benefit of community?

  • some recommended practices for a social software PoC
  • The spectacular new MPC-L from Viglen is a compact PC designed for basic functionality such as web browsing and office applications. £99 gets you the basic box with a 40GB Hard Disk and a special preinstalled version of Xubuntu Linux. With no internal fans, the MPC-L is silent in operation and remarkably small, but its size isn't an obstacle to functionality with integral SXGA graphics, 10/100 Ethernet and multimedia audio. There is a wide range of compatible peripherals to choose from, such as a keyboard with USB port or a cradle to mount it to the back of any VESA monitor.


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