"Lotus Notes/Domino is a dead product”

Eric Mack makes some fantastic points in questioning some of IBM Lotus’ marketing efforts based on real experience out there in the Knowledge Management space in his post “Lotus Notes/Domino is a dead product”.

I had stopped by to ask if their search technology could crawl a Notes/Domino database. At which point I was told that the company saw no value in creating an add-on for a dead product. “IBM isn’t even here at KMWorld, look around – do you see them anywhere?” I didn’t.

He goes on to say:

I stayed at the vendors booth, convinced them that Lotus Notes is indeed alive and well, and growing, and that they could seize a large opportunity if they integrated support for Notes/Domino into their KM product. I convinced them (I think) to attend Lotusphere in January to see the market for themselves, meet developers who can help them add Notes/Domino support to their product and test the market.

Worth a read, as its a balanced article rather than a cheap shot at Lotus Marketing.

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