Lotusphere Comes To You: Madrid

Its already over a week ago that I was able to attend the LCTY event held in Madrid. This was the first of a six being held in major Spanish cities.

Having been lucky enough to attend Lotusphere back in 2003 I was not expecting anything on the same scale, but this was my first IBM official event here in Spain, and I went very interested to see what kind of energy the local IBM people would be able to convey in their presentations and messages.

I will try to find time to write a full impression of the day, as I have found it interesting to hear of the various reflections from other events from people such as Laurette, Stuart, and Bill, not to mention Ed’s keynote slides in English for me to compare with the Spanish version.

I have to be honest though and say I left a little disappointed. But I don’t want to just criticise, rather go into details and properly explain why.

More to come on the subject.


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