Louis Vuitton Round Robin roundup

Today the semi-finals kick off with the first matches between the top four teams from the round robins. The final standings saw Emirates Team New Zealand step into the top spot having trailed BMW ORACLE Racing and Luna Rossa Challenge in third for most of the competition. However wins against both and Victory Challenge in the last three flights ensured them top spot.

The final standings then:

  1. Emirates Team New Zealand
  2. BMW Oracle Racing
  3. Luna Rossa Challenge
  4. Desafío Español 2007

So that worked out to plan…!

With one thing and anothe, I didn’t get to post my predictions for the last three rounds. Its all a little academic now, but for the record here they are. There was no cheating here honest! I had done the predictions prior to seeing the results. Anyway, who’s reading this rubbish!?

Flight 9

  • +39 Challenge    -    Team Shosholoza
  • China Team    -    Areva Challenge
  • Mascalzone Latino – Capitalia Team    -    BMW ORACLE Racing
  • Victory Challenge    -    Desafío Español 2007
  • Luna Rossa Challenge    -    Emirates Team New Zealand

Flight 10

  • China Team    -    +39 Challenge
  • United Internet Team Germany    -    Areva Challenge
  • Mascalzone Latino – Capitalia Team    -    Luna Rossa Challenge
  • Victory Challenge    -    Emirates Team New Zealand
  • Desafío Español 2007    -    BMW ORACLE Racing

Flight 11

  • Victory Challenge    -    Mascalzone Latino – Capitalia Team
  • Desafío Español 2007    -    Luna Rossa Challenge
  • BMW ORACLE Racing    -    Emirates Team New Zealand
  • United Internet Team Germany    -    +39 Challenge
  • Areva Challenge    -    Team Shosholoza

Predictions Round-up

Here are my stats for both rounds and overall:

  • Round Robin 1: 76.36% (42/55 matches)
  • Round Robin 2: 85.45% (47/55 matches)
  • Overall: 83.64% (89/110 matches)

I’d have taken that at the start, particularly with having picked not only the top four, but the correct order!

One more interesting stat is the teams I managed to pick their results (win or lose) 100%:

  • Round Robin 1: China Team
  • Round Robin 2: Luna Rossa Challenge and United Internet Team Germany

To be honest, China Team wasn’t a surprise, and their moment of glory came with their big win against BMW ORACLE Racing, spoiling my record a little, as that would have seen two more names on the list for the second round!


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