Our Project – Update

So where are we with the house….?

Its been ages since I added anything here, so just a quick update. The good news is we have the finish line in site. The bad, its taking us ages to reach it!

But we are hoping to get in there very soon. They are finishing of the final bits and pieces, we have given them a list of all the details that need sorting.

In the meantime I along with a merry band of fools friends have been busy in the garden. We have managed to all but finish moving seven lorry-loads of top soil, which took some doing! I have a few odd pics, but its a shame I didn’t get any ‘before’ photos, no-one will believe us now! 🙁 The grass seed has been put down, and is enjoying perfect conditions, so is coming along nicely.

As soon as I get some more time, hopefully at the weekend, I’ll get some more photos up of the garden, and once we have the interior cleaned and tidied up, some of that too.

Stay tuned!


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