Reading encrypted email in Lotus iNotes

I have seen this crop up a number of times over on Twitter, and a couple of colleagues recently picked up on my response with the solution.

have you tried importing your ID into iNotes? allows you to read encrypted email

Their question was, “how do you do that?”. So here is my explanation:

  1. Select “Preferences” from the menu options top right of the screen. Lotus iNotes menu options
  2. Select the “Security” option from the preferences list on the left. Lotus iNotes security preferences
  3. Select “Import Notes ID” button.
  4. Browse to your ID file, enter your Notes password and press OK. Importing your Lotus Notes ID into iNotes
  5. That should be it!

You should now be able to read any encrypted emails you may have received.

I hope that helps!


4 responses to “Reading encrypted email in Lotus iNotes”

  1. Now what happens when you change your internet password? It gets ugly. We have 75% of our users who are iNotes only. I bet most of them now have an imported Notes ID that has an older password.

    I’m hoping the ID management coming out will help this issue.

  2. Good point if they are iNotes only.

  3. The interesting question:
    – Once imported can you use the encrypt/decrypt API in your custom Notes apps.

    🙂 stw

  4. David avatar

    How/where do you find the ID file?

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