SuperNTF Logo Competition

I saw this from Kevin Pettitt, and just couldn’t resist! Kudos from Josep Alemany for kicking this off!

So here are a few ideas from me!

SuperNTF idea 2

Idea #1

Taking a flat “classic” logo and incorporating it. Not sure I like the mix, too many colours.

SuperNTF idea 3

Idea #2

Similar idea, but taking the more modern superman emblem. A little heavy, again, I don’t think this is a particularly good blend.

SuperNTF idea 1

Idea #3

Here I looked to better incorporate the Superman logo, adjusting the colours a little. A lot better I think, I quite like this one, though it is a little complex, not quite in tune with the modern Notes 8 “web 2.0” style logo.

SuperNTF idea 4

Idea #4

I had to include one like this following Nathan‘s efforts! Fun, but the Notes association is too weak.

SuperNTF idea 5

Idea #5 – my favourite!

I actually really like this one, if I do say so myself! I think the colours and style blend the two logos well, in tune with the new Notes 8 logo!

Kevin, if you’d like to use one of these, let me know, I’d be honoured!

This was just for a bit of fun, but feel free to comment! Let me know if you love/hate them, have any other ideas for variations, or need others on a similar theme!


6 responses to “SuperNTF Logo Competition”

  1. Simon,

    These all look great and I’m flattered that you took the time to put them together. I agree that the last one is probably the closest to a suitable Notes 8-esque SuperNTF logo but I have a few ideas to get it to final usability.

    First I have a concern about leaving the Superman S in the logo. I think it probably opens up too many trademark infringement issues. If there was a way to leave the outer border of the shield in place but replace the contents with the familiar notes three-person icon, that might strengthen the notes branding while dealing with any trademark issues at the same time.

    I should mention that I’m after more than one logo. I do want a basic iconic logo such as you have created here. but I also want a larger “banner-type” logo along the lines of what Nathan has produced. Again because of trademark issues, I like that Nathan has used source material which hides the actor’s face. People look at that and know that there is a Superman connection, but the association with Superman does not overwhelm the primary branding. By the way that’s Christopher Reeve from Superman 3.

    I’m pretty open to ideas for the SuperNTF banner logo. It could be based on a photograph or a cartoon drawing, it doesn’t matter as long as it “looks good”. I am partial to 3-D looking images of the sort that are fairly popular these days. And for reasons mentioned above I think keeping Superman’s face out of the logo is probably a good idea (unless of course we could replace the face with Ed Brill’s :-)).

    Fun Fun Fun!

  2. Hi Kevin, like I said, this started as a bit of fun for me!

    I fully understand your concerns, and I agree with your points, give me a bit of time over the weekend, and I’ll see if I can incorporate some of your comments….


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  4. Hello Simon,

    The logos look cool!

    I was only making tests looking for ideas but, I have to say I love your designs ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Fantastic job!

    Josep Alemany

  5. Hola Josep! Gracias!

  6. great blog i love

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