SwiftFile 4.0 for IBM Lotus Notes 8.0

I found this gem over at dominobaloney

There are people who love mail folders and people who hate them.

Nowadays using folders is the “old” way to organize e-mail messages: put this memo here, that one there, and so on. Right, as in real life…

I’m trying to love Notes mail folders, and I must say that one handy tool is helping me a lot: its name is SwiftFile!

So what does SwiftFile do? Well, as Cristian goes on to explain:

SwiftFile is very handy because it “learns” how to manage you Inbox messages and then, for any open memo, it suggests which folders are likely to be chosen by the user, just showing folders name on top of the memo. Then the user make just one click on a folder name to move the memo inside that folder! Easy and fast!

In more formal speak, according to the readme:

SwiftFile is an intelligent assistant for Lotus Notes that helps users organize their e-mail into folders. SwiftFile uses a text classifier to learn each user’s mail-filing habits. SwiftFile uses the model it learns to predict the three folders into which the user is most likely to place each incoming message. The predictions are presented to the user as three shortcut buttons that allow the user to quickly file each message into one of the predicted folders. When one of SwiftFile’s predictions is correct, the effort required to file a message is reduced to a single button click.

SwiftFile 4.0 for IBM Lotus Notes 8.0, part number C1436EN can be downloaded from Passport Advantage. I have it installed and running fine in Notes 7.

A nice find, gracias Cristian!

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2 responses to “SwiftFile 4.0 for IBM Lotus Notes 8.0”

  1. Noah Thanks avatar
    Noah Thanks

    So where’s Linux support?

  2. Thats a good question, though I’d guess those of us on linux, running Notes, *and* using SwiftFile are very much in the majority!

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