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  • ¡Campeones!


    Great players. Great football. Great team. Congratulations España! Image credit to yonmacklein

  • Not Bad!

    Reminds me a bit of David Beckham’s goal way back.

  • Supporting England from abroad

    My first world cup outside England is not off to a bad start, but here in Spain I’m missing the atmosphere I imagine there is back home. Its just not quite the same here somehow, but the few of us that are here are doing areour best! We try to all meet up for the…

  • Bad luck Chelsea!

    It hurts me to say it as I was cheering on Chelsea, but Barcelona were by far the better team over 180 minutes. I’m not quite sure what the official Chelsea site is on about saying it was “a game which never got a tempo beyond referee Markus Merk’s whistle“ The truth is we never…