Supporting England from abroad

My first world cup outside England is not off to a bad start, but here in Spain I’m missing the atmosphere I imagine there is back home. Its just not quite the same here somehow, but the few of us that are here are doing areour best! We try to all meet up for the England games, and some of the other more interesting matches.

The Spanish are generally optimistic, but I’m not sure how far they really think their team can go. One thing that is really frustrating is that there are really few games on terrestrial TV, so I have to try to get out to see the games which isn’t ideal! I’m tempted to get a digital terrestrial box, as there are a few more games on one of the digital channels.

But what has really got me a fed up is that I can’t even get the BBC Radio Five Live commentaries over the internet. Some crazy broadcasting arrangements apparently mean they are unable to allow non-UK residents access to it.

So one fed-up-Englishman-abroad now has yet another reason to upset the wife by going down the pub! Oopps!


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  1. Dale avatar

    Hi Simon
    You think you have it bad, try comming over here to the USA where no one has even herd of the world cup. If i go to the pub there is no atmosphere at all 🙁 now this is something i am missing. Thankfully i have rounded up a few friends to come over to my house for a few of the games and I am trying to get them in to football or soccer as they call it.
    On a good note I am not having a problem seeing the games quite the opposite I have all 64 games in High Definition on the TV at home so that is good the bad side of that is the american comentators who have no idea about FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!
    Oh well off to watch the Germans v Poland now..


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