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  • The dreaded first post!

    Welcome to my personal blog. I’ve not got a grand introduction, lets just see how this evolves. Enjoy the ride, thanks for stopping by!

  • Goodbye summer!

    So, realising that it has been over three months since I last wrote anything here, and summer is on its way out, what have we been up to!? Good question, but between Tania, work, play, and a week away, the summer has flown by! I now have plenty of catching up to do, photos to…

  • Has it really been two months…?

    I have just realised two months have flown by since my last post! I’d better start making an effort round here! We have been pretty busy, with a trip down to Extremadura for Easter, and a couple of christenings, including Tania’s. Plenty of photos to sort through and update my Flickr stream. Tania is now…