The dreaded first post!

Welcome to my personal blog. I’ve not got a grand introduction, lets just see how this evolves. Enjoy the ride, thanks for stopping by!

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Simon Scullion Written by:

Question everything. Reinventor. Sailor. Newbie Triathlete. Dad. Chief of Transformation @ Zapiens



  1. 15/05/2008

    Hello world, indeed … have fun with this schtick SImon

  2. 15/05/2008

    Welcome to the ‘sphere, Simon.

    Impressive tag-map considering the one post. :o)

  3. 15/05/2008

    Wait … LOL … I just replied to a 15 month old “first post”. Cracking! :oD

  4. 15/05/2008

    LOL! Sorry about that, the updates escaped into my twitter stream!

    Still it got a few people over here!! 😉

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