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  • Twitter Updates for 2011-04-20

    good idea in principle, but will calorie count on restaurant menus be accurate, or need policing? @bhc3 @SameerPatel #health # RT @nachobarrientos:Met @sscullion today. He is indeed a very good speaker and passionate about his job. Keep going that way dude! <gracias! # @nachobarrientos thx for the compliment, was great to be able to talk…

  • Twitter Updates for 2011-04-18

    Why do long weekends always seem so short after the fact!? # enjoying watching my five year old daughter getting creative using #gimp # @pgularte just a three-day work week here this week, so not too many complaints! πŸ˜‰ in reply to pgularte # @j4ngis that logic would mean the effect is further compounded by…

  • Twitter Updates for 2011-04-14

    One to watch: RT @NigelBarron: The Power of Words http://youtu.be/Hzgzim5m7oU # RT @j4ngis: "We don't have time to build trust. We need results." #fail < +1 # @Yorkie71 ask him for his twitter handle! πŸ˜‰ in reply to Yorkie71 # Powered by Twitter Tools

  • Twitter Updates for 2011-04-13

    RT @gary034: Sorry I can't be there to hear you http://bit.ly/f6x41w @cflanagan @JiveSoftware < that makes two of us! πŸ™ # Powered by Twitter Tools

  • Twitter Updates for 2011-04-12

    revisiting @gist http://bit.ly/fDLjqe # @chuckstar76 not using with LN yet, no. still exploring #gist in reply to chuckstar76 # Powered by Twitter Tools

  • Twitter Updates for 2011-04-09

    Third course of lunch on the terrace. The wife is treating me! http://t.co/qzVtwYF # RT @passepartout: This guy has a much worse job than you. Watch it until the end. http://bit.ly/eSNThQ < barking mad! # RT @olallasalazar: Alguien que explica como funciona Twitter y todavía tiene la imagen de perfil del huevo no me dice…