The Afterguard: The America’s Cup – There’s Everything to Pay For

You can imagine the scene, you’ve just come to the end of a four year struggle to successfully organise a major global sporting event, no doubt with weeks of tying loose ends up still ahead; no sooner is the cup held aloft do you learn that you’ve got to do it all over again, only this time in a 2 year time frame… then news reaches you that there’s a court action challenging your every decision, so things are going to be even more complicated. The good news is you’ve pretty much spent the past 4 years accumulating all that you need for the next campaign, so you don’t have to worry about that. At the very least, you’d think your boss would let you hang on to your desk and chair to work from.

But this is the America’s Cup, and there’s sponsorship money to squander. So you decide to arrange an auction of everything that’s beginning to look a bit tatty – perhaps you have a new colour scheme in mind for the office, or you simply see an opportunity to rid the organisation of that golf buggy you might have accidentally ‘pranged’ on one of those cerveza-fuelled late night races around the car park.

Hilarious! Follow the link below for more.

So whats the big deal? The auction is real, check it out here:

Source: The Afterguard: The America’s Cup – There’s Everything to Pay For

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