Want Lotus Notes on the iPhone?

Then promote the idea and sign the petition.

Dear Mr. Jobs,

We love the iPhone. But we are frustrated that you have focused your attention for Enterprise customers on Microsoft shops, while effectively snubbing IBM Lotus technologies, who remains a strong player with over 40% of the global messaging market.

Maybe of us already support thousands of Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices in an enterprise context and, particularly in light of your new pricing announcements, would love to transition our users to the iPhone. We understand that it could be a powerful business tool especially for our corporate leaders.

IBM leadership has stated that they are in communication with you about improving integration, but that they must work at a closer level than the SDK provides for today. Please help IBM enable the millions and millions of current Lotus customers to take advantage of your wonderful device.

Thank you.

I simply don’t understand why Apple would want to alienate such a huge chunk of the market, basically gifting it to Blackberry.


6 responses to “Want Lotus Notes on the iPhone?”

  1. Signed. Now that the new iPhone looks even more attractive, Domino support seems to be even more critical.

  2. Even as a Blackberry user currently, I can only agree.

  3. Marc Preysch avatar
    Marc Preysch

    I need Notes support in order to use the iPhone and sync it!

  4. Hi Marc, I hope you voted and signed the petition then! 😉

  5. Ross avatar

    I would sign a petition if it didn’t have a spelling mistake in it!

  6. Eddie Vasquez avatar
    Eddie Vasquez

    Seriously, cooperate with IBM! I have executives ready to scrap all Blackberries for the iPhone, this will never happen without Enterprise support for Lotus Notes.

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