What am I missing? (admin help needed!)

Can any of you admins out there tell me what I am missing!?

I have a RHEL server running Domino in VMware, so far so good. I can ping from the host both IP address and hostname, Domino is up and running and I can connect over http and run the Domino web admin.

Problem? I can’t connect from the Notes or Admin client!!

What am I missing? I have created location and connection documents, but get the “server not responding” error message.

Any ideas welcome!

Thanks in advance, from a dev geek!


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  1. Make sure your firewall allows inbound traffic through Port 1352 (the Notes client port), not just port 80 (the web port). That would be my initial guess.

  2. Yes, firmo lo que dice Kevin, Notes usa el puerto 1352.
    Si no lo arreglas, dime donde vives, si no estas muy lejos igual nos podemos tomar unos culines y tratar de arregarlo juntos.
    Yo vivo en LLanera, una urbanización que hay en la carretera vieja de Oviedo-Gijón, se llama Soto de Llanera.
    Un saludo

  3. Thanks guys, that was my first thought too. I did an nmap in RHEL (the guest) and 1352 is open. I guess I need to check that the guest isn’t blocking this traffic at the firewall level.

    I’ll let you know how I get on!

  4. Martín avatar

    Hi Simon.
    Are you solved the problem ??
    Best regards

  5. geek_speak avatar

    try to trace the connection with User Preferences -> Ports, it will provide you more information about what’s the route that LN uses,

    add LAN0…??

  6. Hola Martín, no, I haven’t had a chance to look into it further, been away on holiday!

    @geek_speak, I’d tried the trace, nothing new there if I remember correctly. What will LAN0 give me?

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