Wierd problems with OpenDNS

For some time now I have been using OpenDNS in preference to my ISPs DNS servers, or at least so I thought!

As it turns out, at what I suppose was the last time that I rebooted my router, it picked up the settings from my ISP again. I realised this a few days ago, and without further thought, set things back to OpenDNS.

Soon after I started to see problems with connection timeouts accessing my email, but also feeds in Liferea were not updating. Ubuntu‘s software update wasn’t connecting either. It was strange, all I was able to do was browse the internet. I did a few network tests which were successful, and even ran an automated test available via my web-hosts Dreamhost which came up with nothing as I expected.

So tonight I went and checked my router configuration, and found a button to disconnect and reconnect. I gave it a go, and the OpenDNS settings were replaced with those of my ISP. Interesting I thought. So I went and tried my email, and you guessed it, down came the last few days unread emails. Liferea is filling up, and Ubuntu needs updating!

So what was the root of the problem? I have no idea! I tried googling, and a search on the OpenDNS forums, but didn’t come up with anything.

I have contacted OpenDNS support, with a link to this post to see whether they have any ideas. I’d prefer to be using OpenDNS!


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  1. As I said in an email to you, let’s figure this out!

    John Roberts

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