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Feb 05

IBM Lotusphere Comes to You 2008

Warning, this is a bit of a gripe post! Why is it that the dates for Lotus events in Spain always seem to be the last to appear!? Spain isn’t even on the list for the Lotusphere Comes to You events, which I hope that is just temporary! It could go quite some way to …

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Jun 28

SLUG it is (for now at least!)

The Spanish Lotus User Group initiative I mentioned seems to be progressing nicely, despite my personal lack of affection for the name! It is important to point out that the name isn’t intended to exclude, but rather the idea is to keep this as open as possible, referring to all Spanish-speakers rather than the country. …

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Jun 20

Lotus User Group España

This is my first post here in Spanish, a little late considering I live here, but an English version follows below. Esta gran idea apareció en el blog de Josep Alemany la semana pasada, y parece ser bien recibida. Martin tambien tiene un post sobre el tema. ¡Hasta Ed Brill dejó un comentario para ofrecer …

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