SLUG it is (for now at least!)

The Spanish Lotus User Group initiative I mentioned seems to be progressing nicely, despite my personal lack of affection for the name!

It is important to point out that the name isn’t intended to exclude, but rather the idea is to keep this as open as possible, referring to all Spanish-speakers rather than the country.

Importantly, Josep seems to be making progress in gathering ideas for the agenda, support from IBM, etc. There is even talk of using Sametime for those unable to travel! We’ll have to see how things pan out.

For now, I’d like to add my call to that of Josep, we’d love to hear from you if you:

  • have some advice
  • would like to offer some help
  • have discovered a desire to present on a Lotus-related topic in Spain
  • or simply would like to attend!

I’ll keep you posted as things develop.


4 responses to “SLUG it is (for now at least!)”

  1. Hi Simon,

    Thank you for reporting on progress. I’ve tried to keep up with the Spanish discussions, but my comprehension is just not at the level I’d like it to be at.

    I’ve got some IBMers in contact with Jose and reading the blogs… hopefully we can help out organizationally. I’ve also volunteered to speak, schedule permitting. Keep me posted..

  2. Ed, thanks for stopping by!!

    I thought I’d try and help cross any language barrier and also spread the word across the English-speaking Lotus community.

    We appreciate your support, Josep has mentioned that he is having conversations with your colleagues here in Spain. Obviously it would be great to have you over to present, maybe that could help attract some other big names! 😉

    I certainly plan on posting updates on our progress.

    Thanks again for your support.

  3. Hello Simon,

    You are right, the name don’t want to exclude anyone, Lotus people are all welcome (English Speackers too).

    Have a very good program to offer at the presents is the best garante of success for the event. If anyone who reads Simon Blog (or others) want to come to speack about something… what are you waiting for??? You’ll be welcome!

    The help of Ed, was very important. Reading this I’m thinking the possibility to write the post in Spanish and English to make English-Speackers easy to understand what is going on. In this case I will make an efford to do it well in English but my level is no so good as I want…

    The language don’t have to be an obstacle at the event or in the blog.

    I only wanna thanks you for your interest about the SLUG and my blog. I feel your help and support.

  4. disculpe, I wrote “Jose” instead of “Josep”… oops.

    I am trying to read along with the Spanish language postings as well, but my studies were 15+ years ago and I do not speak/read fluently. I can get enough context to see that things are moving along, but I also see that we’re going to start encountering holidays soon.

    So, let me know. As I said in my original posting on Josep’s blog and in e-mail, if you can handle English-language speakers, I can probably get one or two others from Lotus WW to assist.

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