And that was ILUG2008

Wow, what a great week!

ILUG2008 organisersFirstly I must join the ranks of all those heaping thanks on the team that made the event possible, Paul, Eileen, Kitty, Warren, Bill, Tom, Matt, Julian, and Rob. This may be a free to attend event, but that takes nothing away from the organisation, and quality of the sessions.

Choosing the sessions to attend was a no-win situation, there were too many I wanted to see, but which coincided. Again, not the fault of the agenda, rather a reflection on the quality of the speakers and their sessions.

I got a lot out of the 3 days, both technically and personally. It was great to meet in person so many names from the blogs. There are too many of you to mention, as I’d only forget someone! You know who you are!

Some highlights then:

  • Alan‘s opening session. Entertaining jabs at twitter, and thought-provoking insights into what IBM Lotus are working on for the future. I’d have loved to have been able to quiz him further, as I see the culture change needed for successful adoption of social software as currently the biggest challenge.
  • Speedsponsoring. What a great way of “forcing” sponsors and delegates together! Well done to all the sponsors who had a shot at this, it was almost enjoyable for us too! 😉
  • Speedgeeking. The first time I had experienced this, it lived up to expectations! While far more difficult than it must appear, its something that must be fun to have a go at. Now just to find something vaguely interesting to rant about 20 times in an hour!
  • The Guinness. This was my first time to Ireland, and so tasting the real thing was pretty special for me. Not something to be taken for granted!

I do feel I’m being a little unfair in just picking out a few of my personal highlights, there was so much I enjoyed that I haven’t mentioned!

Anyway, thanks to all of you who said “Hi” and put up with me during the week, and hope to meet you all again some place soon, if not, ILUG2009!?


2 responses to “And that was ILUG2008”

  1. Agreed, a great week, and good to finally meet you!

  2. Hi Ben, likewise!

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