Another Victory!

Late in posting this, but we had another regatta weekend last Saturday and Sunday where we came out on top! This one was the “III Trofeo de la Hispanidad” organised by the “Real Club Astur de Regartas“.

We enjoyed two days of windy racing, 15-20 knots and waves, serious surfing with the kite downwind! The beats were a bit of a slog, and we were all hurting afterwards! But it was great!

The final blast home on Sunday was unforgettable, the fastest we’ve been in one of these. So fast we were dead downwind and still couldn’t keep the kite full all the time, the apparent wind went so far forward so quickly as we accelerated! Awesome!

So, we managed to get results of 2, 2, 1, 2 to clean up with 5 points after a discard.

I will try and find some photos, as there were a couple of people out spectating with cameras.

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