Tag: Miscellaneous

  • Moved feeds to Feedburner

    Finally got around to signing up to Feedburner, and moving my feeds, it was something I had been meaning to do for a while. In the end it was a painful process, with a plugin doing the magic on the WordPress end. So, to my faithful reader, please feel free to re-syndicate my content again…

  • Another Victory!

    Late in posting this, but we had another regatta weekend last Saturday and Sunday where we came out on top! This one was the “III Trofeo de la Hispanidad” organised by the “Real Club Astur de Regartas“. We enjoyed two days of windy racing, 15-20 knots and waves, serious surfing with the kite downwind! The…

  • Quality of life!
  • QOTD

    I don’t beleive heating the breeze is a great use of our natural resources. Quite! Thats what jumpers are for, right Dad!? Stu Downes on patio heaters.

  • Toothache

    Just a grumble as my wisdom teeth are giving me a bit of hassle at the moment 🙁 Hope it’ll pass soon.

  • Windy

    Yet another storm, today we have had 120+ km/h winds. The sea was quite a sight this morning. Hope it’ll calm down overnight though, as its not particularly pleasant going outside!