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  • Forget Setting Goals. Make better small decisions

    Forget Setting Goals. Make better small decisions

    Forget setting goals. Just make better small decisions. And trust you will get where you’re meant to be.

  • Starting out in uncertain times

    Starting out in uncertain times

    What a year 2020 has started out, and promises to be a rough ride. For me personally it represents setting out on new adventures, I’m building something with my good friend Sergio. In starting Five30am, Sergio and I see it as a vehicle that enables us to do meaningful work. For us this means helping people…

  • News from the West Coast

    News from the West Coast

    San Francisco – I love this city, it’s so great to be back! I arrived towards the end of last week and just about shaking off the jetlag. I have already become good friends with Karl the Fog, and managed to catch my NY Mets lose out again to the SF Giants over the weekend.…

  • A blog reboot

    It has been over 5 years…!! Is a blog still a thing in 2018? I’ve been feeling a bit of blogging mojo coming back, so dusting of the archives! I’ve done a bit of a cleanup on the backend, cleared out some plugins and re-installed the bare minimum for now. A few minor but important…

  • New Year’s Non-resolutions

    New Year’s Non-resolutions

    Photo Credit: Tapping a Pencil by Rennett Stowe First of all, a belated “Happy New Year” to you all! I’m not a big maker of New Year’s resolutions, never have been. Not that I haven’t made resolutions, or attempted to make a personal commitment or an effort to change something, just that I tend not…