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Starting out in uncertain times

What a year 2020 has started out, and promises to be a rough ride.

For me personally it represents setting out on new adventures, I’m building something with my good friend Sergio.

In starting Five30am, Sergio and I see it as a vehicle that enables us to do meaningful work. For us this means helping people – that’s our reason for being here.

Our purpose is to do something really great for those who care.”

We’ve shared before some thoughts on why we think consulting is broken, and what we are trying to realise with Five30am. We don’t want to be just another pair of consultants guessing at answers and pronouncing solutions to problems.

Global pandemic: Covid-19

Let’s not leave the coronavirus as the elephant in the room as I write this. For many of us in just a matter of days, life has changed dramatically. As if it wasn’t hard enough, running a business just got harder – let alone starting one!

Yet here we are.

Sergio and I are coming at this very much with a growth mindset. Yes these are difficult, uncertain, and scary times, but we do believe that we have a contribution to make, and beyond the fear, pain, and loss, there is hope and a new normal will emerge.

Simply put, we’re here to help, we want to start out on the right foot, showing empathy and providing help and support.

We see ourselves as facilitators, looking to bring our experience, objectivity and creativity to help solve problems and find solutions collaboratively.

In our minds, this is a long way away from taking advantage of the crisis for our benefit. That’s not what we’re about, and honestly, I don’t see it working even in the short-term!

New Normal

The reality is that this global pandemic is unique and unprecedented in many ways. We are all impacted . From a micro or local perspective up the the macro level, the world has changed. We are already seeing significant repercussions for society, the economy, and in politics. These will continue.

One question to ask ourselves on a personal level as we navigate this crisis, is whether we see these repercussions and the changes they represent as an imposition or an invitation? If we can shake off the fear and peer through the uncertainty, we can start to accept and embrace a new normal in a positive light and with hope for the future.

In the present, despite the craziness of trying to survive self-confinement, the joys of working from home with children climbing the walls out of boredom, can we stop a moment and listen?

How much louder nature seems.

Appreciate the stillness.

As we move past the period of crisis, I’m looking forward to seeing the positive impacts to come out of this. Starting with the respite have we given the planet. How much did noise and air pollution drop? Beyond the panic buying, how much less food and resources have we wasted?

I like to think that we are doing our best, aiming to stay respectful of the situation, whilst facing the reality of trying to make a go of something that supports our path in this world.

“Let’s not lose sight of what really matters, just look back and be proud of how you presented yourself and your company.”

– Marcus Jewell

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