New site hosting deal

So finally I have got myself a blog, something I have been looking at for a while.

Q: What was holding me up?
A: My previous hosting deal with 123-reg.

Earlier this month my hosting deal ran out (I forgot about it and it expired!) and I realised my account had closed and the site was down. This didn’t happen without warning, 123-reg are very good about letting you know in advance, and give you a grace period, its just I never got round to renewing.

Lucky for me….

Now before I go on, I have nothing against 123-reg, I was with them a for a couple of years, its just I guess I outgrew their offerings. How do I know? Just take a look at what DreamHost offer you for your money, and tell me you have something better.

I am now happily signed up for two years to their basic incredible Crazy Domain Insane! offering. Just registering and paying up, getting my site and email back up, configured, and this WordPress weblog setup via the ‘One-click Setup’ function took minutes. Even the DNS transfer went through in a couple of hours! Great stuff.

I first heard of them from Mike Davidson’s site, where he has saved me the effort of explaining in more detail whats good about these guys with his write-up Why I Use Dreamhost.

So, go check them out and feel free to use my webid ‘malapata’ as your referrer when you sign up. Thanks 😉

I’ll post more as I explore all the features and toys I now have to play with.


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